Associations / NPO / Foundations

Associative and charitable circles carry at arm’s length the issues of their members and / or their mission to do good. Whether they are friendly associations, employers or employees, charities, sports, philanthropic, educational or environmental foundations, all these organizations are also exposed to the risk of corruption.

Corruption can come from within or outside the organization. Philia Group offers tailored support to organizations and associations that want to control their corruption risk in order to maintain the trust of various stakeholders.

Resources, often limited, then guide efforts and participate in developing effective tools while deploying their own ethical skills and competencies. Ethical analysis is in the center of the decision process linked to the level of control required.

Philia Group, by its respectful support of issues, context and environment, will guide you in decision-making through a broad-spectrum of possibilities: updating governance, recasting internal rules, corruption risks analysis, anti-corruption policy drafting, control and follow-up measures. Our clients can eventually secure effective mechanisms to improve and protect their business practices.