Developing applied and organizational ethics

Ethics is an effervescent working field that generates both interest and confusion. It is regularly combined with governance issues. At Philia Group, applied ethics is at the center of our approach.

For us, ethics is a way of thinking that enables us to understand without prejudice the stakes of an issue, its consequences and the evaluation of possible actions. Ethics uses common principles and values that guide decision-making.

The development of ethical competence at organizational and individual levels is the value added by Philia Group when implementing anti-corruption prevention standards.

In addition to offering our tailored-made trainings and conferences on the subject, Philia Group accompanies you in the development of codes of conduct, internal rules and in the integration of ethical concepts such as loyalty, conflict of interests and ethical reflection. Particular attention is paid to compliance, which standardizes practices, as well as the required judgement that accompanies a voluntary misconduct.

Philia Group also carries out specific interventions in applied ethics as well as the establishment of internal processes that promote collective and / or organizational decision-making when ethical dilemmas occur.